People don't know what they want until you show them. - Steve Jobs

Coz Speaks from Experience

Client_LogosSince 1989, Coz Green has inspired audiences from 18 countries with his special blend of vulnerability, humor, and candor. From keynote speeches to break-out sessions and workshops, Coz moves audiences to discover hope and to become the best version of themselves. He has achieved much as an award-winning entertainer, successful broadcaster, and inspiring speaker.
On a Journey of Hope

In 2009 Coz was stuck in the most difficult season of his life. Everything spiraled out of control. He also had an averse reaction to prescribed medications, attempted suicide, and was hospitalized. He did the hard work from the inside out to rebuild his own life. It did not happen overnight. Everything changed when he did. During his journey back to health, Coz lost 200 pounds in one year. His emotional and physical transformation is filled with amazing stories of personal triumph.
Before_After_092014Coz now shares thoughtful stories and valuable lessons he has learned on his journey back to bless lives throughout the world with his message of hope. Coz will guide you along his journey; from darkness into light; from overwhelming defeat to amazing victories. Coz opens up and shares his own story with sincerity and vulnerability.  Coz busts many of the myths about happiness and exposes the real enemies of hope. He reveals the seven authentic sources of hope:
The Power of Purpose—Find Your Moon
The Power of FaithYour Beliefs in Action
The Power of LoveLose Yourself Serving Others
The Power of ForgivenessThe Miracle of Letting Go
The Power of CourageConquer Your Fears
The Power of GratitudeDaily Thanksgiving
The Power of PersistenceYour Sticktoitiveness
On a Journey of Hope is presented as a keynote speech and as break-out sessions and workshops.

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Learn how to unlock the power of hope in your life. Coz shares inspirational stories, thoughtful interviews, and valuable lessons.