Co-Active Coach
Coz is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, the gold-standard of professional coaching from the Coaches Training Institute. He has coached hundreds of leaders, executives, top sales professionals, entrepreneurs from a wide variety of industries. Coz was a co-creator of the Coaching Academy and served as the premiere talent development coach for Comcast NBC Universal, the world’s largest media company. 

Coz began broadcasting as a news reporter for an ABC affiliate talk radio station at the age of 17. Over the years has worked as a newscaster, talk show host and national voice talent in the US and Europe. He is the host of Coz TV and the Coz Green Audio Experience podcast. Coz is an experienced narrator of Audible and iTunes audio books.

Coz has inspired audiences from 18 countries as a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator with a unique blend of rich-content, authenticity and humor. He has worked with Fortune 50 companies and a diverse group of specialized audiences. His message to defeat the saboteurs and live an extraordinary life will resonate with your audience. Due to Covid-19, Coz share virtual keynote and breakout sessions from his studio in Salt Lake City. Once we get back on track with large conventions and meetings, he’ll be traveling the globe to speak in person.

Award-Winning Entertainer
Coz has performed for thousands of audiences from around the world since 1979 with a unique brand of humor.

Charity Emcee and Auctioneer
Dynamic and entertaining emcee auctioneer helping charities and non-profit organizations raise more money through live and virtual events.

Proud dad of Megan and Ben.

Coz’s real-world experience as a coach, broadcaster, inspirational speaker and dad shape his unique perspective in his powerful work.

Before 396 Pounds. After 200 Pounds.

Hello, my friend:

I passionately believe each one of us are here on earth for a unique purpose: to shine our light, to lead others toward the best version of themselves, and make the world a better place. It is our individual responsibility to discover that unique purpose, grow our natural gifts, and acquire the knowledge and skills to influence as many lives as possible. I am a catalyst. I help purpose-driven people like you polish your unique gifts and connect with your life experiences to empower you to BE influential and live an extraordinary life.

I am on exactly the same path. I know I’m on this earth, at this time, and in this place for a definite purpose. My mission is to bless and inspire the lives of millions by sharing my light. I fully recognize my natural talents and gifts. I work hard and play hard everyday to magnify my gifts. I seek additional wisdom, knowledge and skills from the best leaders, mentors, coaches, influencers, friends and strangers daily. I am committed to constant and never-ending improvement to BE the best ME and make the road smoother for those who follow.

Allow me to share a snapshot of my background to paint the picture of who I am and how I may be able to help you on your journey.

At age thirteen, I became an award-winning entertainer and have performed for thousands of international audiences for, well, many, many years.

At age seventeen, I began broadcasting as a news reporter for an ABC affiliate talk radio station. Over time, I worked as a newscaster and talk show host in the United States and Europe. I have shared time with and interviewed a past President of the United States and Ireland, governors, senators, congressman, business leaders, authors, speakers, and community leaders. Just as important, I have shared experiences with countless people you have never heard of and may never meet.

In my early twenties I teamed up with nationally recognized speaker and business coach, Brian Tracy. I facilitated the programs “The Psychology of Achievement,” “The Psychology of Selling,” “The Psychology of Success,” and many others to public audiences and corporations across the United States. I joined the National Speakers Association and presented thousands of hours of powerful content to countless diverse audiences as a keynote speaker and breakout facilitator. Over time, I created my own content and have spoken to, trained, and coached thousands of individuals and hundreds of companies from 18 countries.

In my mid-thirties I returned to broadcasting and media in sales, leadership, and talent development. I managed the sales operations of an independent television station, exceeded revenue goals and transitioned the station for sale to Liberman Broadcasting . I worked in business development for an ABC affiliate television station.

In 2009, I went through the darkest nights of the soul in my own perfect storm. I had an adverse reaction to prescription medications and attempted suicide. My greatest failure became my greatest victory. I learned transformational lessons which have allowed me to make a difference in the lives of countless people throughout the world. I also gained a lot of weight during this chapter of my life. However, I got serious and in one year I lost half my body weight, from 396 pounds to 200 pounds. At the conclusion of the year process, I rode 510 miles in five event days on my bicycle. We are capable of so much more than we think is possible. When we get out of own way, we can be and do so much more.

I served Comcast NBC Universal for thirteen years. I created curriculum and facilitated learning experiences for thousands of executives, managers, sales professionals and support teams throughout the United States. I co-created the Leadership Academy where I facilitated a powerful year-long virtual and live learning experience for 150+ local sales, sports, automotive, and interactive managers. My favorite role was when I relocated to Chicago and co-created the Coaching Academy. We hired and developed an elite team of coaches to “Grow Revenue By Growing People.” We built the premiere coaching program on the foundation of the Co-Active Coaching Model from the Coaches Training Institute. Along with my team, I became a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. I went through the grueling year-long certification process traveling to multiple locations in the United States and Canada. I have personally coached the finest executives, managers and producers in the industry. In addition to thousands of hours of one-one-one coaching, I observed hundreds of meetings and sales calls to customize our processes. The systems we created generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue and saved millions of dollars in expenses.

In late 2019, I left Comcast NBC Universal to BE a freelance coach, broadcaster, inspirational speaker and author. I serve personal and corporate coaching clients throughout the world. I am the host of Coz TV, an online show featuring the best guests on living an extraordinary life. I am the host of The Coz Green Audio Experience podcast. Due to Covid-19, I share virtual keynote and breakout sessions live from my studio in Salt Lake City. Once we get back on track with large conventions and meetings, I’ll be traveling across the country to speak in person.

Of all of my roles in life, none is more important to me than “dad.” My two children, Megan and Ben, are my constant inspiration to BE a better ME.

These few paragraphs aren’t even the tip of the iceberg of WHO I AM. They only  share a few of my personal and professional experiences to give you some perspective.

I invite you to get to know me better. I’m transparent and try to be vulnerable in my posts, videos, and podcasts:

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