Stuck between a rock and a hard place?

Learn the formula for change to a happy life from someone who has been there. Coz Green shows you how to get unstuck and stay there to start living the life you deserve. Everything changes when you do. Discover the best version of YOU.

Coz Green Before and After

In late August of 2013, Coz tipped the scale at nearly 400 pounds. He suffered from a number of physical ailments. His condition reached a tipping point: he was finally sick and tired of being sick and tired. Coz took massive action. He lost 200 pounds in one year. His physical transformation is filled with stories of personal triumph. But that is not the entire story.
Coz has been on a lifelong journey to discover the principles that unlock the powers of hope. Throughout his life he has enjoyed many successes, both personally and professionally. However, Coz has also traveled through dramatic dark nights of the soul. He shares his personal battle with depression and anxiety. His greatest failure became his greatest blessing. Following a miraculous event, Coz has made dramatic changes in his life. He enjoys more happiness today than ever before. Everything changed when he did.


Coz Speaks from Experience and Inspires Others to Change

Coz doesn’t speak about the formula for a happy life based on theory. Through his own experiences of transforming his mental and physical health, Coz now challenges audiences to adopt new beliefs, change behaviors, and get better results in every aspect of their lives. He has achieved personal and professional success, but he has also fought through challenges that have shaped who he has become.




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Coz busts many of the myths about hope and exposes it’s real enemies. He reveals the seven authentic sources of hope: purpose, faith, love, forgiveness, courage, gratitude, and persistence.
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"Coz is a true professional."

Captivating, intriguing, fun, entertaining, inspiring and Informative. Coz is a true professional. He has the ability to teach you and wow you all at the same time. Your mind will be challenged. Your passion intensified. You will learn, laugh, and be amazed at how you retain it all to be successful.
Dawn Massop Love
Denver, Colorado

"Thoughtful, caring,...sense of humor."

Coz is one of a kind. In my 10+ years in the field of education, I have never come across a professional who can connect with an audience like Coz. He is thoughtful, caring, has a wonderful sense of humor, and imbibes the best in everything he touches.
Brett Powell
San Leandro, California

"An everlasting impression."

Coz Green is hands down one of the finest human beings I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. He was able to make an everlasting impression on me and my journey. Coz is able to provide the tools and resources it takes to lead a company towards success.
Courtney Reed
Indianapolis, Indiana