What Others Are Saying About Coz


Coz is an exceptional people leader. He challenged me to get beyond my comfort zone and reach new heights. His ability to engage an audience with humor, tact, inspiration and humility is to be admired. I walked away from his coaching feeling enthusiastic and empowered to have more powerful coaching with my team.

Kelly Kyzar
Jackson, Mississippi


Coz has an amazing gift for powerfully and positively impacting others. Through his strength as a coach and communicator, Coz helps other find greater balance and success. He does this by connecting with individuals and groups through thoughtful questioning, captivating storytelling, and healthy doses of comedy! One cannot come away from an interaction with Coz without feeling better about themselves and the world around them.

Patrick Howe
Indianapolis, Indiana


I loved working with Coz because his energy is contagious. He leads by example and has the natural ability to make everyone feel comfortable. His training and coaching had a unique way of getting me to “level-up” to greatness. I can’t think of a mentor that has made a bigger impact on my career.

Jesse Christensen
Salt Lake City, Utah


Coz Green has been the most influential coach of my career. He knows how to ignite and refuel you when you have hit a brick wall or exhausted all your ideas. He is a catalyst for change, improved performance and results. His style of coaching and training is engaging and authentic.

Sherry Avara
Indianapolis, Indiana

Passionate. Knowledgeable. Strategic. Invested. In training and educating our teams, it’s not just what Coz does, be it Sales Training, Leadership Training, or any other company initiative, it is the manner in which he does it. He empowers while he educates. His passion, enthusiasm and obvious knowledge in turn create buy-in, passion and enthusiasm in those he leads in his sessions. He has immediate buy-in and credibility, and it translates into real business opportunities for our company as our sellers leave his trainings more knowledgeable, more prepared and more positive.

Kurt Kennedy
Denver, Colorado


Coz has an unparalleled passion and talent for developing people. His zest for life and growth motivates those he coaches, trains, and leads. He is well-read and knowledgeable in so many leadership and business strategies that help him to coach individuals, teams and organizations to improved results. He brings energy to any team or initiative.

Rebecca Lamperski
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Coz brings a special combination of knowledge and enthusiasm to sales and leadership training. Our teams embraced his sessions and implemented the lessons learned. Coz is one-of-a-kind and I’d recommend him for any team that hopes for more than a coaching day and is looking for long-range skill development.

Mike Wilcsynski
Naperville, Illinois


I can’t think of many coaches who have inspired me with unique ideas to work smarter and be more effective. In fact, Coz is in a class by himself. Coz always approaches difficult situations with positive strategic creativity. His suggestions have helped open doors and made me money.

Suzanne Werley
Chicago, Illinois


Coz is a dynamo. My first exposure was at an offsite training seminar, but the lessons learned were as much about life as improving sales. His ability to impact individuals, whether tenured veteran or those newest through the door, is testament to his unique passion, unending positivity, mastery of subject matter, and a true talent for connecting through his own personal experience. Equal parts teacher, mentor, culturist, and leader. Coz Green has a light that shines through all who surround.

Lane Olson
Minneapolis, Minnesotta

Coz is one of the best trainers I’ve ever experienced. As a former conference planner, I’ve worked with many speakers/trainers and know the hard work that goes into preparing for multiple-day sales training meetings. It takes endurance and generosity of spirit to keep up the momentum, which Coz does with grace and style. In addition to superb course development, Coz has an engaging presentation style that makes the lesson easy to understand for new members of the team as well as fun for senior members. Most importantly, Coz provides valuable real-world experience with helpful tips that truly enhances the retention of that learning.

Lynne Halle
San Francisco, California


Coz Green is an exceptional motivator and coach! His knowledge, passion and genuine desire to help people grow in their career are qualities that have made a positive impact on me, my team and our bottom line. He has been instrumental in helping grow my confidence as a leader through feedback and recommendations, delivered in a manner that inspired me to grow personally and professionally.

Catrina Lundeberg
Stockton, California


I have had the opportunity to attend almost 200 professional training sessions in my career, Coz facilitated at least five, and they were honestly the best five I have attended. His command of the material, the ability to connect to his audience, and the sincere compassion he shows to everyone is inspiring. You need a seasoned leader, trainer, coach, and all around great human, Coz is your guy.

Dwight McCune
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Captivating, Intriguing, Fun, Entertaining, Inspiring and Informative – experience it all when you have the pleasure of being coached and developed by Coz Green. Coz is a true professional who provided the foundation and tools to help drive results. My performance and our team’s production was improved. He has the ability to teach you and wow you all at the same time. Your mind will be challenged. Your passion intensified. I highly recommend Coz for his talents in teaching how to grow and gain positive outcomes.

Dawn Massop Love
Denver, Colorado

I had the pleasure of working with Coz when he was Deputy Chairman of Bill Good Marketing. Our companies were quasi-competitors, but there was an opportunity to co-venture to enhance the product and service offerings of both companies. Coz was extremely honest and trustworthy. I was extremely impressed with his vision and creativity. I enjoyed having the opportunity to work with Coz, and I have a great deal of respect for him as a person as well as a business leader.

T.J. O’Hara
San Diego, California