Captivating, intriguing, fun, entertaining, inspiring and Informative. Coz is a true professional. He has the ability to teach you and wow you all at the same time. Your mind will be challenged. Your passion intensified. You will learn, laugh, and be amazed at how you retain it all to be successful. - Dawn Massop Love

What Others are Saying About Coz

“Captivating, intriguing, fun, entertaining, inspiring and Informative. Coz is a true professional. He has the ability to teach you and wow you all at the same time. Your mind will be challenged. Your passion intensified. You will learn, laugh, and be amazed at how you retain it all to be successful.”
Dawn Massop Love
Denver, Colorado
“Coz is one of a kind. In my 10+ years in the field of education, I have never come across a professional who can connect with an audience like Coz. He is thoughtful, caring, has a wonderful sense of humor, and imbibes the best in everything he touches.”
Brett Powell
San Leandro, California
“Coz is an exceptional people leader. He challenged me to get beyond my comfort zone and reach new heights. His ability to engage an audience with humor, tact, inspiration and humility is to be admired. I walked away from his coaching feeling enthusiastic and empowered to have more powerful coaching with my team.”
Kelly Kyzar
Jackson, Mississippi
“Passionate. Knowledgeable. Strategic. Invested. Coz is a trusted business partner and natural leader. He empowers while he educates. He has immediate buy-in and credibility, and it translates into real business opportunities. We quite simply would not be as successful of a business if we did not have Coz as an integral part of our Sales Leadership Team. No matter what business I am in, I want Coz to be a part of it. He is truly on the leading edge of his profession.”
Kurt Kennedy
Denver, Colorado
“Coz has such great leadership skills. He demonstrated enthusiasm and creativity as he stepped through the many topics that were important to our growth. I’m pleased to say that this training was one of the best I’ve attended. What I learned was valuable and timely and most importantly, I learned techniques and skills that I was able to take back to the markets and implement to make an immediate impact on our culture.”
Kelly French-Strube
Champaign, Illinois
“Coz is unique in his ability to rally a team of employees toward a common positive goal. Coz truly is a catalyst for change. He is engaging and creates an environment of leadership that makes you want to follow him into the crucible.”
John Tillotson
Provo, Utah
“Coz Green is hands down one of the finest human beings I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. He was able to make an everlasting impression on me and my journey. His knowledge and expertise allows him to not only teach but to engage in a way that makes training FUN. Coz is able to provide the tools and resources it takes to lead a company towards success.”
Courtney Reed
Indianapolis, Indiana
“Coz does an amazing job of guiding people through the journey of learning. I am always amazed that when they emerge, they have truly developed new skills and understandings. He is, in my opinion, the best in the business.”
Al Engelman
Denver, Colorado
“Coz is one of the best trainers I’ve ever experienced. As a former conference planner, I’ve worked with many speakers and know the hard work that goes into preparing for multiple-day sales training meetings. It takes endurance and generosity of spirit to keep up the momentum, which Coz does with grace and style. Most importantly, Coz provides valuable real-world experience. . .”
Lynne Halle
San Francisco, California
“I had the pleasure of working with Coz. Our companies were quasi-competitors, but there was an opportunity to co-venture to enhance the product and service offerings of both companies. Coz was extremely honest and trustworthy. I was extremely impressed with his vision and creativity. I have a great deal of respect for him as a person as well as a business leader.”
T.J. O’Hara
San Diego, California
“Coz is brilliant, kind, inspirational, understanding, motivating and just overall a wonderful human being. I have experienced my share of teachers and leaders and none of them have been as awakening as Coz has been. You realize who you really are, what you are really capable of and who you want to be. Inspiration doesn’t just float around and is difficult to organically create sometimes…he creates it everyday.”
Jessica Harris
Denver, Colorado
“Coz is an excellent trainer with great experiential knowledge having had a successful selling career. The roll out of the national training program is critical to the advancement of our company as we adapt to new technology, new products and new competitors. Consequently, Coz is a great choice to spearhead this endeavor and is a tireless advocate for educating, preparing, and motivating salespeople.”
Garry Lopez
Seattle, Washington
“Coz is a brilliant teacher and motivator. He creates a fun, educational, and rewarding experience at his week-long sales training camp. His enthusiasm, charisma, and dedication create a positive learning environment that inspires everyone in his classroom, teaching lessons for success in life… Coz genuinely cares about the success of each student and remains a source of guidance and motivation.”
Marie Bass
Portland, Oregon
“I find most speakers on the topic of “inspiration” to have a degree of knowledge. For Coz Green, his life’s experiences, especially those of the past five years, gives him a soapbox very few can stand upon. It is his delivery, honesty and speaking from the heart which gives his messages true weight to make a difference in your life.”
Jack Sanford
Salt Lake City, Utah
“Coz is a man of many talents and interests. Everything he does, he does well. I enjoyed working with Coz and learning from him. He is a true professional with a strong sense of teamwork and willing to carry his share of the responsibility and help anyone else who needs it.”
Joy Kilgore
Virginia Beach, Virginia
“Coz is one of the most gifted public speakers I have ever met. He also is a genuine people person who truly cares about others.”
John Fox
South Jordan, Utah
“Coz has the ability to excite people and to make them truly believe in themselves. Coz has the rare ability to find an individual’s talent and pull it out from within them to shine. I would highly recommend Coz to train or teach anyone willing to learn and find things within themselves they didn’t even know they had.”
Alison Sinclair
Boston, Massachusetts
“Coz is a phenomenal learning and development business partner and excellent communicator. Coz is able to speak from first-hand experience, which goes a long way. The level of engagement that Coz is able to garner is not only seen in the classroom, but can be felt within their teams long after the course is over.”
Roderick Abernathy
Chicago, Illinois
“Coz is enthusiasm personified! Not only is he a consumate professional who creates success for his clients, but he inspires and motivates those around him. This man knows what he is talking about.”
Lisa Schmidt
Des Moines, Iowa
“The secret (which really isn’t a secret. . .it’s a gift) when training, is to keep your audience engaged and make the material relevant to helping them achieve their goals. Coz is absolutely one of the best at both of those disciplines. I’ve enjoyed attending Coz’ training several times and having been involved in professional training for quite a while, have always been in awe with how Coz brings material alive and makes it relevant to the attendees.”
Joe Biondi
Albuquerque, New Mexico
“Coz is a fantastic trainer. He knows how to work a room and keep a group engaged for multiple day trainings. I have seen him conduct multiple trainings and he does a consistently great job.”
Brandon Mudd
San Francisco, California
“Coz is one of the finest people I’ve ever worked for. With a heart that visibly cared for the employees under his charge, he oversaw most of BGM’s workforce. Working alongside him was inspiring to see the impact he had on the staff, operations, and customer retention. Coz is a remarkable individual who has the unique ability to have a positive influence on all that he comes in contact with.”
Jackie Rasband
Salt Lake City, Utah
“Coz explains information well and he keeps his audience captivated. He is a great story teller! At the end of a Coz Green presentation, people feel more confident about the material and they are excited to move forward.”

Villa Khamvongsa
Portland, Oregon
“At the end of my first Coz Green training, I was absolutely blown away how spectacular his presentation, delivery, ability to tell riveting stories [were] and way out of the box ideas that he helps you execute.”
Don Tolep
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida