Undrey P. Jordan is an Metaphysical Addiction Specialist, Author, Peer Mentor, Counselor, Blog writer, Podcast host and Motivational speaker with a passion for assisting individuals end the cycle of addiction using holistic approaches. Because of an addiction that lasted for over 40 years Mr. Jordan has firsthand experience as to the destruction that can be the results of The Energy of Addiction. At only 8 years old Mr. Jordan experienced his first stint of incarceration and struggled with recidivism, homelessness, depression, anger issues and a severe addiction to various drugs. Mr. Jordan has been a counselor as well as supervisor at various programs including Re-entry, DUI, Detox, Residential and Outpatient. Mr. Jordan has been credited with identifying addiction in its metaphysical form of “energy” and on his show “The Energy of Addiction Podcast” he shares unique insight on how to identify and move forward free from a life attached to addiction. His understanding that “all” individuals do not need “recovery” has opened the eyes of many who have been trapped in a vicious cycle of lapses and relapse.

Energy Addiction began as a vision by founder Undrey Jordan while living on Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles, California. During a street fair for the homeless that included a handful of energy healers he was amazed at how just the presence of this activity raised the vibrational level of the area. As a long time student of the effects of frequency and vibration on addiction he decided that by putting together a network of like minded people these services could become readily available to anyone needing them. Energy Addiction is a network of Energy Healers and other providers that are dedicated to raising the vibrational level of our society by helping to address one of societies greatest and long standing challenges which is ADDICTION. We believe that addiction is an energy that people feel and can become attached to its powerful emission. At Energy Addiction we believe that by helping people in addiction learn to raise their “vibrational homeostasis” level above shame, guilt, abandonment and other low vibrating emotions/feelings they will feel a more enriching, self-empowering and fulfilling life one that is devoid of the feeling to self-medicate with substances or behaviors that are self-defeating. Our mission is to address 3 areas that our society has “labeled” as the “at risk population” which includes:

  • Individuals struggling with addiction
  • The Homeless population
  • Those struggling with incarceration or criminal behaviors

Undrey believes that by helping these individuals learn to raise their vibrational homeostasis level they will lead a more positive life/experience and as a result our society as a whole will benefit from their contributions to society.

Website: EnergyofAddiction.com

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